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Black Scale | S/S 13′

Ecclectic brand, Black Scale, comes to us this spring with an entire lineup of hats. Designs featuring upside down crosses, flags with anarchy logos and rectangle shapes give the wearer a nice selection to choose from. The hats are black because the name of the brand is Blackscale. It’s pretty cool that the first release will have more than five styles to decide on.


This release is a co-branded partnership between New Era which will allow the young upstart the perk of benefiting from years of research in the streetwear segment. We also are hyped about the brands take on abstract art and symbols and incorporating it into their themes.Everything about the collection indicates care and precision went into the initial stages of conceptualization all the way to shipping. There are thunderbolts patterened in a circular array along with metal button on the top, that says to us that even the best of materials had to be incorporated in the overall final design.




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