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Rhye | Woman

On March 5th, new material from Rhye titled “Woman”,  will be released and we anticipate demand for the studio lp to exceed expected numbers. Prior to announcing the release, the duo released conceptualized videos onto Youtube late last year and has already garned more than half a million views. The Plug Research label they are signed to, although having other artists and commitments are able to give the duo the marketing and radio placements to steer a newer generation to the relaxed vibe niche’ market. rhye-womanWe think there is room in the space for the two, Robin Hannibal and Mike Milosh. The visuals in the “Fall”, the visual eye candy follows along on a somewhat birthday celebration that ends with a bath tub full of people. UnknownVocals on the track are calming and distinct, differentiating itself from the bass line. The well crafted piano keys and strings surpass the listeners wildest expectations.


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