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Atoms For Peace | Amok

In these past few weeks, consumers saw the release of a side-project studio LP, titled “Amok,” whose  members: Thom York, Flea, Nigel Godrich as well as  the versatile Joey Waronker and David Byrne, continue to push the needle on popular culture forward. Accompanying the release is the sychronised short dance film called “Ingenue”.The single is wicked fast with recurring drum patterns that sound like they were programmed on a modded MPC or a tricked out version of Propellerheads’ Reason. The lyrics flow nicely with the choreography as does the tone of the video.

With some downtime between recording songs between King Of Limbs and Amok, the unlikely quartet were able to channel a collective body of work for their many die hard fans. We predict sales numbers will be modest at the outset and will exceed expectations as more reviews and views increase as more and more music listeners consume through mobile devices.



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