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Kirsty Whiten | West End Bestiary

Kirsty Whiten’s work can’t easily be typecasted. She effortlessly blends metaphors explaining human nature in an easily digestable bite-sized serving. Entitled, “West End Bestiary”, centaurs are depicted in unusual poses and stances. In the artists’ words she was able to give her take on her work. She said,‚Äúsomething about the bestial/male body meld is hot, disgusting and empowering all at once”.The solo show is running now in Glascow,UK at the Recoat Gallery.

8528488790_a555397db4_z History is a central theme in many of the murals the artist conjures, World War I soldiers are frozen in the heat of the battle with many captured in quite amazing detail within the sketches. Color is brilliantly used as a juxtaposed backdrop of the muddled war scenery draped in black and white.





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