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Play Cloths | S/S 13′

Streetwear brands have been busy lately, and niche’ brand Play Cloths is no exception. Following industry shows MAGIC and Agenda in addition to two subsequent releases. This collab between New Era and Play Cloths gets prime time attention for collectors and obsessors. While some will draw comparisons to Ebbets Fields throwbacks, one easily notices that’s where the comparison stops. Dressed in cool grey, the snapbacks have a concrete Air Jordan feel to them. The patches on the front are oversized and can be viewed easily from a distance, so your able to stay swagged out regardless of how far the crowd is from you.krpc003 We’re really mad feelin the “Veteran” snapback, it reminds us of Prodigy’s “Veterans Memorial”.We were not at all surprised that the Asian market is fueling expansion for the Play Cloths brand across the pond and they decided to release this set through Amazing Store.




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