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Bodega | S/S 13′

The place that can be said to wear many hats and still the place to go to cop those exclusives and limited editions, NYC-brand Bodega drops off the hot new looks from their S/S 13′ lookbook. The ad campaign is sick also with the actors relaxing in a sick crib and catching up on research in the streetwear game.bodega-springsummer-2013-lookbook-8
Of course mixing tee’s with chic outdoor looks, athletic apparel and also a clever synergy with it’s in-house accessory design team sets Bodega up to have a stellar summer and we can’t wait to get our hands on samples with different colors and textures. With mix of streetwear and classic designs, this season features weather-ready outerwear, sweats and accessories. bodega-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-3-593x409We think that the direction to integrate various media pieces such as the staple button up shirt could be a real game changer in the streetwear industry, where Bodega is in a advantageous position. Securing licensing initiatives also will help cement Bodega in the minds of throngs of teenagers and college kids with credit cards, looking to cop one of many limited graphic tees.




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