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Joomanji | Manj

Production trio’s are sometimes dope and sometimes not so great, it really can be a gift and curse. With so many ideas, an ensemble can sometimes find it frustrating to craft a beat or even pen a catchy tune. Stellar examples include; Justice League, The Heatmakerz, and of course P.Diddy’s legendary Hitmen collective.
Contrasting this sound with portions from Kanye’s College Dropout to the lush keys that soak Justice League’s tracks, we take a look at production team Joomanji. Banging out tracks with live instrumentation, drum machines, and a set of trusted samples, they construct soulful,relaxing instrumentals worth rhyming to. On the surface, the jazz is skillfully displayed in moderation while letting the sample carry close to a third of the bars. The album “Manj” can easily stand up to early material from ATCQ, we like the seamless flow from track to track. On “Spread Too Thin”, our favorite track the vocals are airy and give the samples room to breath, plugging the holes. photoLindsay Olsen makes an appearance, suffice it to say;she’s also making the fans come inline for when her album drops. As a side-note, we thought that with digital music at the forefront of so many people’s set-ups, we were suprised to find out that Manj was recorded At UC Santa Cruz’s Electronic Music Studios.


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One comment on “Joomanji | Manj

  1. Manj
    May 7, 2013

    There are no samples used in Spread too Thin :) Great Article nonetheless!

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